SERVICES - Production & Post


No Ordinary Production

Making Love To The Screen

Never underestimate the power of foreplay. Preparation before is key to getting the shoot right. From scripting to location, set design and lighting to on-screen chemistry we're here to make sure the scene isn't a flop.

You really can make every scene a work of art.

The Lust Of Post-Production

Clean-up After The Shoot

Nothing turns the audience off more than poor post-production. When the cameras have stopped rolling the chemistry on-screen must turn into the delightfully explosive threesome of editing, picture and sound. Make your production stand out. Editing seduced the viewer into the scene, the imagery gets the vivid colors, shadows, lighting enhancements that ties the viewer to the screen, and the sound gets cleaned-up, enhanced and embellished. This prepares your production fully, ready for distribution. And we love to do all of that... no matter how ambitious your desires.


Seductive Score

Make It An Emotive Affair

Music carries the emotion. Nothing comes as easy for you as a custom score, created and licensed to the production. Avoid being a wimp in bed and show up with powerfully emotive scenes with just the right music. We've got your back!

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